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Calne Divers had their Christmas dinner on 16th January at the Talbot Inn, Calne.  This rounded off a very good years diving for all divers, trainees and experienced divers alike.  Twenty-three people were in attendance including a potential new recruit.  At the dinner the annual awards were presented with minor awards for 'badge collector' going to Jamie, 'chef de camping gas' to Pete, 'favourite guest' to Derek, 'least dives for active member' to Nick and 'most dives' to Trevor.

ScottCalne Divers offers it's congratulations to Scott Barker, the latest person to qualify for Dive Leader.  A Dive Leader is someone who has the skill and experience to lead dives, and is allowed to take Open Water Divers out.  The DL course is very difficult, and involves assessment on rescue skills such as lifting other divers, as well as requiring experience of leading dives.  Of course there is the written examination as well, which is particularly hard at this level.

Believe it or not, Calne Divers has reached it's first birthday!  The club was formed on January 25th 2008 by Jon, John Ted and Steph.  At the time we had no idea quite how successful it was going to be.  We were all formerly members of Calne Sub Aqua club and had become increasingly disgruntled with the way the club had been run.  When we left we were amazed that more than half of the club followed us.  We immediately decided that the club was going to be run on a totally democratic basis and set about drafting a constitution and a grievance policy, as we felt that these items were very important.

TurkeyAfter a long flight and a bumpy drive, we arrived in darkness at the villa.  Come morning, a beautiful blue sky awaited us, and it was race to the pool!  Plenty of beer was drank, bbq's and even a split chin was endured by one of the younger members.  Oh, and on occasion, we even put on some of that scuba stuff and chucked ourselves off the back of a boat.  The water was warm and clear, a pleasant change from a January dive in Vobster!! 

SpongebobSaturday 1st November was our Halloween and Fireworks night. Katie and Lucy dressed up as witches, with the head of the coven being Steph. Trev excelled himself again to the delight of all the children and adults and turned up as the unofficial club mascot, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. The photos are not to be missed and will be uploaded to our Social Gallery soon.

JamieAfter deciding I wanted to take up diving, I found Calne Divers. I had looked at various options, and I know I chose the right one! I have made some great friends, and done lots of diving, nearly 100 dives in my first year, and a dive trip to Turkey. I have, with a great deal of help and encoragement from the club 'elders', managed to qualify as a 'dive leader', this is the SAA equivelent to PADI's 'rescue diver'. When you consider to qualify as a rescue dive with PADI can cost around £1000, I have managed to qualify as dive leader for less than £300, which includes membership to the club and the SAA.

Following the fantastic success of the first beginners training course, Calne Divers is once again opening it's doors to new members who wish to learn the art of Diving.  A try-dive session is fully booked already for 25th September 2009, and it has been decided to run a second session the week after, on 2nd October 2009.  Anyone interested in learning to dive in UK waters is welcome to attend, however preference on the night will be given to those who have contacted us in advance.

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