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AGMThree members of Calne Divers represented the club at the annual SAA (Sub-Aqua Association) Annual General Meeting on Saturday.  The SAA Is the organisation that represents Calne Divers on a national scale, and allows us to issue internationally recognised diving qualifications.  Additionally, there was a fantastic evening meal!  The AGM passed off routinely and a marketing strategy meeting followed.

 Jon presented a case study of Calne Divers to the entire AGM about how we managed to increase membership at a time when most clubs were struggling.  Additionally Jon, in his role as Public Relations advisor for the SAA took all the official photographs.  Those will be posted to the SAA website and Facebook page shortly.


In the evening, a fantastic black tie ball was held, with over 100 attendees.  This was in the rather astounding and very famous Adelphi hotel.  Everyone present agreed that it went off without a hitch.  Jon won a £20 raffle voucher.  Unfortunately the two dive computers went to members from other clubs!  20 other good prizes were also up for grabs.

Hopefully, next year more of Calne Divers will be able to attend.  The venue will hopefully be the same, and everyone who went this year can highly recommend it.

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