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On Thursday 15th July, Calne Divers once again excelled in what they do best.  Going to the Pub.  Instead of our usual club night at the Talbot, Calne, we instead spent the night trying to kill each other!  The club descended en masse to the Talbot Games Room and entered in a mass game of Killer on the Darts board.  20 people did their best to annihilate each other.  The winners of the night were Nick Chamberlain and Scott Barker, who each took home a bottle of wine and a slightly larger ego.


Of course, none of this would have been possible without Janet Weeks, who organised this social event, just as she's been involved in organising every other social event in the history of the club.  Finally we'd like to thank the Talbot, who sacrificed their entire games room to us and provided us with food for the evening.

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