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WebsiteAfter a few years of having the same website, it was felt that it was time for a refresh.  So if you're reading this then the new website is now live!  Featuring a more secure software solution and a more visually appealing design, it's a significant improvement on the previous site. 

The new events page takes a feed from the club Facebook calendar, so it will always be up to date with the latest information.  Also, the gallery and video pages take feeds from external locations where club members can add content freely.  Hopefully that won't prove to be a mistake! 

If you have any comments or questions, or want to be a page administrator, please drop Jon a line.

Sinai with Calne Divers

Calne Divers are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Sinai Dive Club to offer members a significant discount on diving packages.  Sinai Divers operate from the club's second home, the Hilton Sharks Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Club Members have been visiting the Hilton for more than 15 years, some people having visited eight times.  With the long relationship remaining active, Sinai Dive Club have offered all current and future members of Calne Divers a 30% discount on list prices.


chamberSeveral members of the club were once again lucky enough to visit the Midlands Dive Chamber. We filled all 10 seats available in the chamber and experienced a 50m dry dive.  For those attending it was a rather surreal experience. As soon as we arrived, we had to change into medical scrubs, and it just got weirder from there.

AGMThree members of Calne Divers represented the club at the annual SAA (Sub-Aqua Association) Annual General Meeting on Saturday.  The SAA Is the organisation that represents Calne Divers on a national scale, and allows us to issue internationally recognised diving qualifications.  Additionally, there was a fantastic evening meal!  The AGM passed off routinely and a marketing strategy meeting followed.

FishingCalne Divers once again came to the rescue and retrieved a valuable piece of fishing equipment from the River Avon in Chippenham.  The section from a carbon fibre fishing pole, had been lost by Stuart, a member of Chippenham Angling Club.  John and Trevor arrived ready to conduct a full underwater search, but as the water was unusually clear they could actually see the pole section on the bottom, so only Trevor was actually required in the water.

First AidFollowing a full days course on 28th January, we are pleased to announce that we have five new Oxygen Administrators.  Jon Dodsworth, Becci Bates, Chris Hunt, Jake Bodman and John Hunt all passed the new O2/Emergency Diver First Aid course.  The course concentrates on providing assistance and oxygen to divers, whether from a dangerous ascent or from falling off the boat.  

On Thursday 15th July, Calne Divers once again excelled in what they do best.  Going to the Pub.  Instead of our usual club night at the Talbot, Calne, we instead spent the night trying to kill each other!  The club descended en masse to the Talbot Games Room and entered in a mass game of Killer on the Darts board.  20 people did their best to annihilate each other.  The winners of the night were Nick Chamberlain and Scott Barker, who each took home a bottle of wine and a slightly larger ego.

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